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This Site’s Purpose

The purpose of this site is to serve the gaming community.

I have wanted to create this site for some time, especially as I find that an increasing number of us spend time confined to the character limit of Twitter. I have yearned to give my thoughts greater depth and to share with you campaigns, creations, and techniques, and the appreciation I have for the history of the game.

When I joined the 2015 Extra Life campaign to raise funds for children’s hospitals, I added the creation of this blog as a stretch goal. I needed your help – even your confidence boost – to get this blog running. (You can watch the Extra Life game I was in here. The 2016 game is here.)

Extra Life

The Extra Life campaign has been a joy. With your help I have restarted this blog, saved the posts from my old Wizards of the Coast community blog, and created a really fun character. Playing in this event is a dream come true, but so is being able to raise money for children that need care and finding new ways to give back to this hobby.

Here are some principles that will guide this site:

  • The content will be positive. Reviews will be honest, but I will spend our time on the positive aspects of gaming.
  • The content will be appropriate for children.
  • The content will aim to educate and further the ‘science’ of our game
  • I will listen to your comments and feedback
  • I will promote those in the community who make our hobby great

I thank you all for your support. This will be a positive place where we can explore the hobby we love.  I look forward to discussing many topics with you.



‘Flumph Bandito’ – Created for me by Brian Patterson of D20 Monkey


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