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Streaming The Lore of Neverwinter

I have been on a huge lore kick of late. I devoted a lot of time both this week and last week to an article on the Forgotten Realms calendar. It will be out… as soon as I convince myself to stop looking up more cool things!

And, of course, I’m at home. Everyone is at home these days. Unlike most people, I normally work from home. So, I’m as busy as ever. But I do miss going places and seeing people. And, because of that, I’ve started streaming.

Neverwinter’s Campaign Setting

Cryptic, in close collaboration with the D&D team, launched a Neverwinter MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online game) in 2013. It tells the story of the famed city on the Sword Coast, which was nearly destroyed by the Spellplague. The city was superbly detailed as a 4th edition sourcebook that is one of my favorites.

Neverwinter is a city in ashes, on the brink of being destroyed. Heroes can save it if they can best the numerous foes and factions, both external and internal, that threaten the city.

Like any MMO, the game has pluses and minuses. What it does extremely well is bring the D&D lore to life. It also provides beautiful visuals. This combination makes it a great source of inspiration for Dungeon Masters.

Streaming the Lore of Neverwinter

I cover a different aspect of the Neverwinter storyline with each stream. I tour the different areas of the game, showcase the rich visuals, and talk about the deep D&D lore the game brings to life.

Here are the streams so far:

The Dread Ring – Where the Wizards of Thay dig out the bones of an ancient dragon, hoping to create a ring of power that can turn their leader into a god.

Sharandar – The ruins of an elven city in the Feywild, threatened by dark fey who plan to corrupt the forest and overrun the elves. Hags, redcaps, and more all serve a fomorian king.

Storm King’s Thunder – The 5E hardback adventure provides several options for DMs and players. In the Neverwinter version, the narrative is all about the frost giants. The jarl has claimed the Ring of Winter and prepares to freeze all of Faerun, bringing a new era where the frost giants rule over all.

I will be adding additional segments over time. Out of the Abyss. Tomb of Annihilation. Princes of the Apocalypse. Tyranny of Dragons. Descent into Avernus. And more!

How to Catch the Stream

You can find my Alphastream1 Twitch stream here. When I stream, I announce on my Alphastream Twitter account.

After the stream is done, I upload the video to YouTube. You can find my Alphastream YouTube channel here.

The streams are casual. You are welcome to lurk, ask questions on the stream chat, or talk to me on Twitter after. I’m open to discussing aspects of the lore that interest you. There have already been some great questions.

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