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Mastering Dungeons Goes Indie

Background art by d20 Monkey, Brian Patterson

The Mastering Dungeons podcast has big news!

Going Indie

Mastering Dungeons has long been part of the excellent Misdirected Mark network, and we are hugely appreciative for all they have done for the show. We are going independent starting today, which will allow us to respond more quickly to listeners and to bring back the YouTube shows that many enjoyed.

You can now find us at, and your favorite podcast app will be updating soon to have the latest episode. If your podcast app hasn’t updated, you can find the episode for 11/3/2022 on the site.

This transition will give us more control of episode titles and details, including time stamps and tags so you can find specific topics more easily!

YouTube Shows

For YouTube, we are adding video (not just so you can see Flumphs) and you can now more easily skip to the sections of interest – especially useful when you want to find a particular piece you heard in a previous show. In fact, we are breaking up each episode into a news video and the main segment video, so you can even more easily find what you want or tailor your listening experience.

It greatly helps us if you subscribe to the channel, as we would like to get a shorter custom name to more easily share with everyone. Thank you!


To fund the podcast hosting, software, and future audio and video improvements, we have a Patreon! Patreon supporters gain access to our show notes with links. Shawn has also created a first Patreon-exclusive video talking about 5E’s design for exhaustion, and what it tells us about the underlying game.

We are truly excited for the future! You can talk to us through any of the above links, leave a comment here, or find us on Twitter at MasteringDnD. Thanks for listening!

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3 comments on “Mastering Dungeons Goes Indie

  1. Jeremy
    November 4, 2022

    Fantastic! I’ll be glad to find you on YouTube again, it’s been difficult.

    • Alphastream
      November 5, 2022

      Thanks! We heard the requests and have been working towards this for some time!

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