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RPG Fan Content Polices: How to Use Them (and Avoid Problems)

The Success in RPGs show is a passion of mine, enabled by my Patreon. I try to cover topics I think will be of interest to creators of varying experience levels.

This week’s episode focuses on Fan Content policies, which companies provide as guidance (not a license) to creators to use Intellectual Property for non-commercial efforts. Each policy is slightly different, so I review the common sections and walk through some examples.

Fan Content policies are tricky. Several times a year I see creators who have their project pulled from Kickstarter, DriveThru, or a web site because it went beyond what a Fan Content policy (or Fair Use) allows.

Fan Content policies are also awesome ways to create free products for promotion. In later episodes we will tie into this, as well as look at how to use the Open Gaming License or the Creative Commons license.

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