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Last Stand at Camp Starfall  is the campy fun horror adventure that every DM needs to have in their arsenal! Perfect for Halloween or any dark and stormy night, it combines horror, sci-fi, and wacky monsters. I summon some of my love for the Aliens movies and a couple of my favorite monsters.

Expedition to the Barrier Peaks


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I now have a page just for miniatures!

  • Download the Collection Tracker to manage all your miniatures or find information on all DDM and WizKids minis
  • Trade minis with me! See what I need and what I have for trade. Lots of minis from both recent and old sets!
  • Read articles reviewing miniatures sets or discussing how to base or modify them.

Several different bases

Dark Sun Index

This post provides an index to all of my articles on the Dark Sun campaign setting. You may also click on tags to see posts specific to individual campaigns, such as my Dark Sun campaign, Crown of Sorrow, or the Ashes of Athas organized play campaign. You can request all of the Ashes of Athas adventures through my Contact page.

Druid by Michael Vondracek

Tools and Techniques for DMs

The Props tag can be useful for finding physical things you can introduce to your game to make it better or fun. This includes Table or Initiative Tents, a Chaos Change Deck, ideas on using miniatures or terrain in play, blank Gamma World cards, and more.

This article provides a gallery of poster maps – useful if you have many of these and want to quickly select one, or if you want to know where to find and buy products with great maps. I also link to galleries maintained by others.

The DM Advice category captures articles that discuss DMing techniques. Adventure authors may benefit from the Authoring tag.

Looking for advice on converting classic adventures to 5E? The Conversions tag can help.

Table Tents in use during a convention run of Scout's Honor


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Support your FLGS… Otherwise, support me!

When I mention products available on D&D Classics or Amazon, I use my affiliate links. My preferred choice is that you buy products from your Favorite Local Gaming Store. But, if you can’t for some reason, if you click on the link and buy something (even something else), I get a tiny bit of credit. I then apply that credit to future purchases! I’ve been able to get some great products this way, including products I wrote (because, no, companies don’t always give us a free digital version, beyond the initial ones we see during the project). Here are a few of my all-time favorite products:


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