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SPEC2-1 P2 Scout’s Honor – DM Add-Ons

Temple Carvings

(Originally posted to my WotC blog in 2010)

Get cool mod visuals for Scout’s Honor!

I am the author for SPEC2-1 Scout’s Honor, a Living Forgotten Realms adventure for 14th-17th level (P2 tier) PCs.

During authoring I learned that we cannot include artwork or pictures. To do so would create possible copyright/ownership issues. However, I was told I could share such things unofficially as a fan add-on. Thus, I offer here a link to an unofficial and optional set of images that can be used to show what the PCs will see in some of the encounters. All of these images were taken by me during a 2009┬átrip to the amazing Angkor Wat temples/ruins in Cambodia. (This is a trip I recommend any gamer take – Cambodia is fantastic and safe, the ruins are an amazing experience. Tomb raider was filmed here).

Here is the handout file: LFR – SPEC2-1 P2 Unofficial Visual Handout for Scout’s Honor

Note: This is for DMs only. It doesn’t have huge spoilers, but the adventure plays better if you see these as your DM provides them and at least one bit of text is a bit of a spoiler.

As of 2015, the adventure can still be obtained here.



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