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Gamma World Add-Ons!

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(Originally posted in 2010 on my WotC blog)

Cool Stuff for Gamma World!

Now that Gamma World has been released to the premiere stores, I can share some cool add-ons that one of our local RPGA/LFR DMs (Matt Vincent). You can thank Matt for this and many other DM tools he has created. We used these at PAX when we ran the global premiere event for a lot of really happy players.


Junk Tables

This is my favorite of the bunch. The two files contain full color images of every bit of junk in the game! You can use these as a random deck and have players pick cards instead of rolling on the table. The cards are really useful for stimulating RP and for helping PCs come up with creative uses. At PAX we had a lot of fun with the random junk. As a DM I was very liberal with allowing their use, because that in turn was a lot of fun for everyone!

Download the Junk Tables, Junk table 1 and Junk table 2


Player Cheat Sheet Cards

This document contains basic rules that help a 4E player remember the main differences. It also has a second side with a Weapons Table. What I do is print both out, cut them, and place them in a CCG sleeve. I then make sure each player has one. It is very helpful for choosing weapons when making a character. The skill list is helpful for everyone in recalling options.

Download the Player Cheatsheet Cards


Gamma World Origins

These are really useful to cut out and hand to new players. All the important information is there, so you can easily see your powers and bennies.

Download the Origin Summaries


Blank Card Templates

Making your own Alpha and Omega cards can be really fun! WotC forum member “Nasty_Nick” created blank templates and Zedofzombie added some default headers. Open them in an image editor and add text, then save and print. Zedofzombie suggested the following fonts:

Cards Dimentions are: 6.3 cm Height – 8.54 cm Width / Kind of Magic the gathering cards size.

Fonts used on cards:

    • Omega and alpha font: Berlin Sans FB demi/Bold
    • Power type: Berlin Sans FB demi/Bold
    • Card name: Bell MT
    • Quote: Bodoni MT
    • Card description tittles (Minor action,personal…): Brinnatic Bold
    • Card description text: Arial/Bold

Card Backgrounds (click for full size):

Blank Alpha   CardTemplateOmegaEmpty

Alpha Templates:

AlphaBioTemplate  AlphaDarkTemplate  AlphaPsiTemplate

Omega Templates:

CardTemplateOmega  CardTemplateOmegaArea52-2  CardTemplateOmegaIshtar


There you have them! Awesome enhancements to your Gamma World games on day 1, thanks to MVincent and PAX!

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