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Adamantine Chef: Supreme Challenge!

Martial Arts, by Amy Clare

Martial Arts! Food! Dangerous Beasts! Cooking!

That’s what I bring to your table with my latest adventure, Adamantine Chef: Supreme Challenge! The adventure mixes humor with innovative combat and open roleplaying scenes to create the kind of experience where everyone at the table should be having a blast and laughing so hard they end up snorting sake up their nose. I hope you will try it (the adventure, not snorting sake) and support my work. Thank you!


This is my first adventure written exclusively for the new Dungeon Masters Guild. I hinted at this adventure when I wrote about the Guild. I will keep updating that post with my experiences and tips. I will also be sharing my sales earnings as I experiment with the new possibilities offered by the Guild. It is currently at Copper-level (50+ sales)!

Adamantine Chef has a surprisingly long history. I first discussed it with Wizards of the Coast in 2011 when I was writing for Dragon and Dungeon as part of their DDI online magazines. I made the pitch to them as a 4E adventure, along with the pitch for The Five Deadly Shadows. They prioritized Five Deadly Shadows, and through various twists and changes we took turns having other adventure priorities together. At one point I had approval to make it a dual D&D Next and 4E adventure, which I still think would have been fun.

I always kept the adventure in the back of my mind, because it was an experience I wanted to provide. The impetus for adventure comes from a very short “mini-mission” written by Nick Gomez for a Keoland-Geoff joint interactive held at a convention as part of the Living Greyhawk organized play campaign. It was the first truly humorous adventure I had played, and was all about how a chocolatier was jealous that a muffin chef had been hired to make the cake for the royal wedding. The final scene featured a food fight using the rules for items such as tanglefoot bags. I think back on that adventure as often as I think on any other, because it was a really different experience. That my mind kept going back to this space made me continue to want to launch my own version of a humorous adventure, with a robust story to support the action.

Priest Hunter, by Christina Silliman

From time to time I revised Adamantive Chef. I playtested it at Gen Con 2014 with some amazing players including Enrique Bertran (NewbieDM), Mike Shea (SlyFlourish), and Nelly Steiner (Nellybellexox). That fun experience led to a few more changes… plus the update to 5E from D&D Next playtest rules. When the Guild was announced, I knew this was the chance to provide this adventure, and its insanity, to the greater community.

If you purchase the adventure, please let me know what you think of it. I really appreciate constructive feedback and honest ratings on all that I have written. Thanks! If you will excuse me, I need to go grab some dim sum.

Read More: Merric Blackman reviewed the adventure!

Here are some quotes Merric and others reviewing the adventure. Thank you for the encouraging reviews!

  • “an excellent example of what a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons adventure can achieve”
  • “probably the most fun we’ve had with a single-shot session in a long time”
  • “an amazing ride from start to finish”
  • “probably one of the best purchases I have made thus far”
  • “fun is practically written into every scene”
  • “a beautifully designed adventure”
  • “a brilliant adventure”
  • “one of the early gems of the DMs Guild site”




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