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Managing Player Types


I’m off to fantastic Winter Fantasy, perhaps the sweet spot of conventions: not small, not huge, and super-approachable. Just the place to meet, speak, and game with fantastic people (admins, authors, publishers).

Winter Fantasy is run by Baldman Games. They run a group known as the Herald’s Guild, which aims to train and support DMs who participate in shows run by Baldman Games. All of the awesome material is freely accessible! This includes a series of seminars created for Gen Con.

I was honored to get a chance to create and give the seminar for Managing Player Types. There is a rich history there (important enough to be in the first 10 pages of a DMG for the last three editions of the game!) and I think it is a very useful topic.

Check out the seminar on Managing Player Types! (And, come to Winter Fantasy next year)

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