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Authoring Dwarven Forge’s Dungeon of Doom!

Dungeon of Doom


I’m traveling in Japan, but was excited to hear this was just announced: I’m working with Dwarven Forge to write adventures supporting the awesome encounter rooms in their Dungeon of Doom Kickstarter!

I can’t share much more at this time, but this has been an awesome project! The team at Dwarven Forge has been awesome to work with – full of exciting ideas. If you check out the Encounter Areas section of the Kickstarter, encounter, you will see they already had really evocative concepts for each of the rooms. Check out the YouTube walkthroughs for even more insight into the cool encounters we are bringing to life. I love how these adventures provide instant utility to the Dwarven Forge sets. Now you can get super-cool terrain and immediately run an adventure with the terrain – from the entire Dungeon of Doom to running a single encounter as a cool addition to your own campaign! Plus, those cool monsters… wouldn’t it be cool to see those in 5E?

I’ve been a fan of Dwarven Forge since the moment I saw them back in the early 2000s. I backed several Kickstarters and I’m backing this one. I hope my work can make this even more enticing for everyone. I love supporting cool companies!

The first part of the adventure was previewed during update 27! Interested? Back the Kickstarter!


Thank you for supporting my work on the DMs Guild!



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