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Adamantine Chef Live Play!


The voice-acted comedy podcast Have Spellbook, Will Travel  has done a live-play of my adventure Adamantine Chef: Supreme Challenge!

This is a fully-produced recording with a great DM – the amazing Rudy Basso. He does a fantastic job of running the adventure. As an author, it was such a joy to hear how he enables the players’ clever (and often hilarious) ideas.

Alex Basso, Mark Smith, Caroline Collins, Liz So, and Thiago are superb players. They are laughing almost the whole time, come up with very innovative approaches, and made me smile from start to finish.

You can catch the live-play in three parts on their web site:

Please check out the live-play and leave them a great rating on iTunes. I can’t thank them enough for their kind words about the adventure, but especially for how well they brought the adventure to life. Thank you!

If you haven’t purchased Adamantine Chef, you can read about it here or head straight to the DMs Guild and pick it up! Sales keep my work going – read all about What an Adventure is Worth. And, stay tuned! Thanks to your kind feedback, I’m writing again and will be offering more on the Guild soon!


Thank you for supporting my work on the DMs Guild!

3 comments on “Adamantine Chef Live Play!

  1. James Introcaso
    September 6, 2017

    Teos thanks for writing an amazing adventure and writing this post about our actual play! You are the man!

    • Alphastream
      September 6, 2017

      You are the men! Thanks to you and Rudy for helping Guild authors get recognition. In a tough industry, you are invaluable! I really appreciate it!

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