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Code of Conduct for RPG Projects (Codigo de Conducta Para Projectos RPG)

Over the past few years, there have been many reports of serious incidents taking place during RPG projects. The lack of safety and equality weakens our hobby, making it a less productive place to work and making it harder for all members of the hobby to contribute. As a hobby we have not made RPG projects safe enough for everyone on the project.

Conventions have faced a similar problem, and over the years most conventions have adopted a code of conduct. Despite success at the convention level, codes of conduct are not commonplace on RPG projects.

To that end, we have worked to provide this Code of Conduct for RPG Projects. It is available through DriveThruRPG, but is completely free. Picking this up on DriveThru will allow you to receive updates as the document is updated.

The Code of Conduct for RPG Projects provides the following:

  • A code of conduct, based on best practices in this and other industries.
  • Information on why a code of conduct is beneficial to a project.
  • Suggestions on how either a Project Owner or a Contributor can introduce the code to a project.
  • Suggestions on how to use a code of conduct.
  • Permission for you to change and even redistribute the document, so long as you provide credit and do not charge for it.

Update: Thanks to Virgilio Benavides, the Code of Conduct is now translated into Spanish!

The Code of Conduct for RPG Projects is intended as a living document. I encourage you to share suggestions and feedback as you use it. If you develop related tools or versions of the Code of Conduct you think will be useful to others, please share them. I hope we can improve the document over time, so that it is useful for more members of our industry.

Many hands came together to help me make this document, and I truly appreciate that. I welcome you to use the contact form on this site to provide further suggestions.

If you organize or work on RPG projects, I hope you will use this or a similar code of conduct on your projects. If you are a part of our hobby, I hope you will help raise awareness of the benefits of a code of conduct and encourage projects to use one.

Download the free Code of Conduct for RPG Projects on DriveThruRPG!

Download the free Code of Conduct for RPG Projects on!

I also recommend the Fate Accessibility Toolkit, which provides ways for RPG creators to bring disabilities into their games and to support players with disabilities at the table.

Cover art by Aviv Or

5 comments on “Code of Conduct for RPG Projects (Codigo de Conducta Para Projectos RPG)

  1. BeRKA
    June 3, 2020

    Thank You! I am happy that this now exists.

  2. Virgilio Benavides
    June 23, 2020

    Hola se puede traducir al español? Para usarlo con mi grupo de trabajo, estamos intentando desarrollar productos de rol en español!

    • Alphastream
      June 23, 2020

      ¡Si claro! Me gustaría mucho ver el código trasladado al español. Si lo traduce, puedo incluirlo en el documento para que otros lo puedan utilizar.

      • Virgilio Benavides
        August 20, 2020

        Hola tengo el documento listo, revisalo y cualquier detalle me avisas para darte acceso de comentarios o edición.


        • Alphastream
          September 25, 2020

          Virgilio, muchísimas gracias por haber hecho este trabajo, y perdóname por no haber respondido más rápidamente. ¡La traducción esta increíble! Ya la he incluido en DriveThru y Gracias por haber hecho esto. Lo agradezco mucho.

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