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Mastering Dungeons? Absolutely!

Exciting news! I am the new co-host of the Mastering Dungeons podcast (formerly called Down with D&D), joining the incredible Shawn Merwin!

The format of our podcast will continue to be a quick overview of the latest D&D news, followed by a main topic. We break down topics with an eye toward utility: we want you to be able to gain experience and comfort with the topic and to be able to use it in your game.

We Start With Traps!

You can hear our first podcast as co-hosts here, covering the latest D&D news and our main topic: Traps!

If you are a long-time fan, I hope to make you proud. If you are new or returning, I hope you will check us out!

You can follow Mastering Dungeons on Twitter @MasteringDnD, so you won’t miss future episodes.

We Are Looking for Feedback

We want this podcast to be useful for you. Tell us what works best, what you want more or less of, and what else you would like to see us do.

This is a new role for me, so I welcome feedback on how to improve my role and communicate more clearly. How can I cover the topics better?

And, we have this important Twitter poll:

What This Means for Me

I am a huge fan of this podcast. I’ve listened to every episode of Mastering Dungeons. Shawn is a mentor to me, I always admire his work and approach to gaming, and I love what this show has done for D&D. Working with and for Shawn on this podcast is truly a dream come true!

Check Out the Misdirected Mark Network

The Mastering Dungeons Podcast is part of the Misdirected Mark podcast network, providing a huge variety of RPG podcasts, from the Dark Sun focused Bone, Stone, and Obsidian, to the Gnomecast, to Panda’s Talking Games, and much more.

You can find all of the Mastering Dungeons episodes here.

You can leave us feedback on the Misdirected Mark Mastering Dungeons forums.

Follow us on Twitter, and follow Shawn Merwin on Twitter.

Now, let’s go kill some monsters! (Or interview them for a podcast)

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