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HeroQuest Returns! (and I’m a $3M stretch goal?!!)

A new version of the beloved boardgame HeroQuest has been announced, and the web page reveals that I am a Guest Designer for a brand new Quest Book called The Spirit Queen’s Torment!

Update: The campaign has ended, but you can order the base HeroQuest game here.

Check out the new trailer:

HeroQuest is a fan-favorite boardgame that features fantasy characters braving dangerous dungeons. HeroQuest was huge in the ’80s, and has seen several expansions. There are many YouTube videos and other sites that walk through the classic gameplay, which Hasbro says it has given minor tweaks. Perhaps the most enjoyable video talking about HeroQuest is this one: “HeroQuest is the best game ever made!”

And, thanks to Hasbro, now it is back! Now that the stretch goal is announced, I can say I am the designer of a brand new HeroQuest Quest Book called The Spirit Queen’s Torment! I can’t share any details, but here is how I was quoted on the HeroQuest page:

“When designing The Spirit Queen’s Torment, I was inspired to create a narrative that was exciting to the players, creating interesting locations and unexpected situations. Just as importantly, I wanted the narrative to feel compelling as a story. I hope that players will be captivated by unraveling the mystery of the Spirit Queen and in deciding how the tale should end. Lastly, I wanted to help create the sense of a larger world, with ancient orc kingdoms that once mastered magic, and to give a new voice and perspective to the orcs as allies and heroes.”

Hasbro is making news by crowdfunding the game in the US and parts of Canada. It had a goal of US $1 million… and broke it in the first day! Even bigger news for our overall hobby is that Hasbro used it’s own proprietary crowdfunding portal, called Hasbro Pulse. They even launched PulseCon (likely a renaming of the HasCon we had a few years back) to coincide with the event. There are additional sites where backers from other countries can back the project as well. The easiest way to find them is on the HeroQuest twitter page, as they announce the links there.

You can see the revised HeroQuest and back it here. Hasbro’s Pulsecon has some videos and interviews, including this one introducing the Hasbro HeroQuest development team.

You can also read this article on Tribality regarding the upcoming game!

Once the game is out, I look forward to discussing my role a bit more and sharing the design approach. This was an awesome project, and very different from my typical work. I’m really thankful for being asked to be part of the team!

3 comments on “HeroQuest Returns! (and I’m a $3M stretch goal?!!)

  1. Phil Stone
    October 22, 2020

    Hello Alphastream!

    To be honest, I’ve never heard of your work until heroquest, but I’m so glad you are a part of it! I am intrigued by orcs and making one an actual character/hero. I’m glad you designed this, its very refreshing, and I hope it reaches its 3 million dollar goal! Anyway, thanks for what you do and I hope you don’t find this email weird, haha.


    • Alphastream
      October 22, 2020

      Not at all! Thanks! Someone in the project really liked my adventure design, fortunately! I am really looking forward to the new set and to hearing how people like the new scenario!

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