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Collaborative Campaign Creation on the Dragon Talk Podcast

I was invited to appear on the official D&D podcast for the “How to be a DM segment” with the awesome Shelly Mazzanoble! I walked through my process for collaborative campaign creation, which has origins in rules I first encountered in the Dresden Files RPG.  

I had so much fun on Dragon Talk! I reviewed the steps I use for involving players in creating a cool campaign setting. Shelly and I then applied the rules live, creating a campaign setting based on a fantasy clockwork version of Seattle! You can see the video further below.

On the show I promised to write up the rules and share them through my mailing list. Sign up to get a free copy of the Rules for Collaborative Campaign Creation, and you will also receive my blog articles directly in your inbox each week. (Already signed up? You will get a copy automagically!) I will also notify subscribers (infrequently) so you don’t miss sales on my products or new products. In fact, on the show I shared that during the pandemic I wrote an adventure with my son. The Clockwork Tower has been fantastic fun during our early playtests. We have commissioned art, we are preparing for layout, and soon it will be on Kickstarter. I would love your support. Subscribe to my mailing list and I will let you know when The Clockwork Tower launches!

If you don’t want to sign up for, you can purchase the Rules for Collaborative Campaign Creation on (which provides me a larger percentage of the sale price) or on DriveThru RPG.

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