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Join My Tables at GameHole Con!

GameHole Con convention center

The GameHole convention takes place Oct. 21st – Oct. 24th, 2021 in Madison, Wisconsin. This heralded convention has a wide range of excellent RPGs, seminars, and workshops. I’m extremely thankful to be a guest at this convention, joining an incredible guest list.

I will be attending GameHole Con in part because of their covid policy. All attendees must be vaccinated, and the area is currently above 70% vaccinated.

I would love to see you at the con! You can find all of my events here, or click on the specific games and events noted below:

The Clockwork Tower (4 hrs)

The Clockwork Tower: Thursday Oct 21, 3 PM CST

The Clockwork Tower: Friday Oct 22, 3 PM CST

This is an adventure my son and I have written together, which we hope to Kickstart soon (waiting on the layout). I will be running two sessions of The Clockwork Tower.

An enigmatic wizard keeps a sculpture garden near the town of Applewood. Locals avoid the ominous garden in fear of the magic that the wizard employs in his strange stained-glass tower. When clockwork beasts begin to appear in Applewood, the town is in danger and heroes are needed! (A 3-4 hour 5E D&D adventure. Level 3 pregens provided, or bring your own.)

Mastering Dungeons Live Recording and Panel (1 hr)

Thursday Oct 21, 1 PM CST

Shawn Merwin and I will record our podcast show live, followed by a panel!

Join the hosts of the Mastering Dungeons podcast, Teos Abadia and Shawn Merwin, for a panel and live recording of their podcast. Hear and discuss D&D news, reviews, and discussion from two prolific designers and fans of the RPG world.

The Fine Art of the Micro Dungeon (1 hr)

Saturday Oct 23, 3 PM CST

I join Shawn Merwin and Mike Mearls for a great panel combining dungeon design, writing, organized play, and more!

Fantasy TTRPG game masters and designers have pursued the concept of the mega dungeon like Captain Ahab on the trail of the white whale. In this talk, you’ll learn how to craft focused, bite-sized dungeons that are compact enough for players to complete in a single, four-hour session, but rich enough that they can’t wait for the next game. We’ll discuss hard earned lessons from writing and running organized play events, the challenges of making the most out of a compact adventure space, and how to keep players focused without resorting to linear dungeon maps.

D&D live stream for Extra Life brought to you by Demiplane – Spectator (2 hrs)

Friday Oct 22, 10 AM CST

DM Claire Hoffman deals the pain and the fun for Teos Abadia, William Benham, Alyssa Faden, Shawn Merwin, and the Alan Patrick! Support a great cause!

The heroes travel to Mulhorand in the Forgotten Realms to investigate what happened to a group of priests who had been sent to reopen an old temple. Sounds simple, right? Come and see all they hijinks all in support of Extra Life!

Alien live stream for Extra Life brought to you by Demiplane – Spectator (2 hrs)

Saturday Oct 23, 10 AM CST

Come see GM Andrew Gaska run the amazing Aliens RPG for Teos Abadia, Banana Chan, Matt Forbeck, and Toni Winslow-Brill! I’m a huge fan of this RPG!

Come and watch the author of Chariot of the Gods and Destroyer of Worlds terrorize some excellent players with Alien goodness, all for Extra Life!

Other Events

I’ll also be signing up to play other games, and I’ll be around the con every day. If you are attending, please say hi – and please remind me of your name – it has been a while since I’ve seen anyone!

If you haven’t made plans yet, here is the GameHole Con attendance page. I hope to see you there!

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