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Recently I attended the all-vaccinated-and-masked GameHole Con. It was my first time, and I already consider this a go-to convention. I ran two awesome playtests of the upcoming adventure, The Clockwork Tower, which draws closer to Kickstarter release! I was also on three panels (two available on the Mastering Dungeons podcast).

And, I was on two Demiplane streams raising funds for ExtraLife!

D&D: The incredible Claire Hoffman ran Ginny Loveday, Shawn Merwin, Alan Patrick, Bill Benham, and me (with my favorite half-orc death cleric, Grom Two-Eyes). Our all half-orc and goblin party took on several terrors, including a fearsome blue dragon! It was nail-biting combat, as Claire (as usual) pulls no punches. I made the most of one of my favorite spells, inflict wounds! (There are some audio issues at first, but then it clears up).

Aliens RPG: Aliens author Andrew Gaska GMs Banana Chan, Toni Winslow-Brill, Matt Forbeck, and me (as a strung out sergeant who is about to lose it). This was a really fun game! After the game, Andrew signed my book (see below).

I hope you enjoy the streamed games. I was honored to be a special guest and can’t wait to be at GameHole next year!

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