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Reviewing Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons: A Mastering Dungeons Index

Cover of Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons – Art by Chris Rahn

On the Mastering Dungeons podcast, Shawn Merwin and I took an in-depth look at Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons. This is a book that resembles the Draconomicon books of prior editions… and it excels in some areas while falling a bit short in others. We take a look at the advice on dragons and draconic campaigns, the player options, the lairs, and the monsters!

In each episode, we first cover D&D/RPG news and then cover Fizban’s. Here is the book’s table of contents, along with a link to the episodes.

Elegy for the First World
November 18, 2021:
Ch. 1: Character Creation
Draconic Races
Subclass Options
Heroes of the Dragon
Draconic Feats
November 24, 2021:

December 3, 2021:
Ch. 2: Draconic Magic
Magic Items
Hoard Magic Items
Draconic Gifts
December 10, 2021:
Ch. 3: Dragons in Play
Roleplaying Dragons
Dragon Encounters
Dragon Adventures
Dragon Campaigns
December 16, 2021:

December 23, 2021:
Ch. 4: Lairs and Hoards
Dragon Lairs
Dragon Hoards
What’s in a Hoard?
January 6, 2022:
Ch. 5: Draconomicon
Dragons and Lairs
January 13, 2022:
Ch. 6: Draconomicon

January 20, 2022:

February 10, 2022:

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