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What Should I Playtest at Gamehole?

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It means the world to me that folks are helping me create via Patreon and Ko-fi! Here’s a quick update on how that is going.

A Huge Creative Boost

I’ve been really amazed by how helpful it has been for me to communicate with supporters and to have help. My daughter has been accepted into a top university, and the cost is… phenomenal. Patreon and Ko-fi have allowed me to dedicate funds to design and video projects so I can create faster and better.

The interaction has also been a huge boost. Hearing how my Adventure, Encounter, and Monster Design Tools are useful has led to making additional improvements. Ideas for Success in RPGs lead to breakthroughs. It’s been superb. If you are or have been a supporter, thank you!

Some of what I’ve been able to do:

  • Revisions to the Adventure, Encounter, and Monster Design Tools
  • Creating overlays and purchasing art and audio for Success in RPGs
  • Better streaming tools to support all of my streams/videos
  • Purchasing art and cartography for the upcoming The Clockwork Tower adventure
  • Countless ideas that have improved upcoming projects

Up Next: Which Adventure?

As you can see in my most recent update, I will be a guest at Gamehole Con. Last year I playtested the upcoming The Clockwork Tower. This year I have two adventures I want to create… but which one should I begin creating? The adventure would be playtested at the convention, and before that I’ll work with supporters on design aspects, provide previews, and work through the design on streams.

I’ll tease you with the working titles: One Last Mission and Oceans Flumph

If this interests you, head on over to Patreon and Ko-fi and join the conversation (the post is public, so anyone can see it). Thank you!

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