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Announcing: Success in RPGs!

It is my pleasure to share with you the intro video for the Success in RPGs show!

The Show’s Purpose

Success in RPGs is my attempt to give back for all the kindness others have shown me, helping me navigate the RPG industry. This is a positive show, helping identify what success in the RPG industry is like for each of us… and then helping us take concrete steps towards achieving it.

As I note in the introductory video, this is a challenging industry. I aim to demystify the ways we can achieve real and lasting success, while avoiding the industry’s many pitfalls.

The intro also provides you with the shows three main focus areas and the list of upcoming episodes! Watch the intro here!

And, per request, here are the focus areas:

And, the list of topics/episodes (not necessarily in order, mind you):

I truly can’t thank the community supporting me enough! I could not have started this endeavor or made it a reality without you. Thank you!

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