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Join My Tables at 2022 GameHole Con!

The GameHole convention takes place Oct. 20th – Oct. 23rd, 2022 in Madison, Wisconsin. This heralded convention has a wide range of excellent RPGs, seminars, and workshops. I’m extremely thankful to be a guest at this convention, joining an incredible guest list.

I will be attending GameHole Con in part because of their covid policy. I attended in 2021 and was truly impressed with how well mask use and vaccination were enforced.

I would love to see you at the con! You can find all of my events here, or click on the specific games and events noted below:

Oceans Flumph (3 hrs)

Oceans Flumph: Thursday 1-4 PM CST

Oceans Flumph: Friday 9-12 AM CST

Oceans Flumph: Friday 4-7 PM CST

This is an adventure Patreon and Ko-fi supporters helped select! I will be creating the adventure over the next few months, with further help from supporters. At the convention we will playtest the adventure prior to publication. I had an amazing time running sessions last year, and I am really looking forward to these games!

The adventurers are dead, the last one collapsing at the feet of a band of confused flumphs. “You must… find… the brain pool. Reclaim… the mind-stone. Save the world.” Those were the hero’s final words. You are just a flumph… whatever can you do? Then again, there is that glowing altar and the prophecy. Could you truly become the flumph heroes of legend?

This is a one-shot 3-hour heist adventure for D&D 5E featuring heroic souped-up flumphs on a grand adventure. Steal, err… reclaim… an item from the evil aberrations of the underdark ocean! All-flumph pregens provided. This is a playtest, and your feedback will help shape the future product release!

Mastering Dungeons Podcast Presents… You (1 hr)

Thursday 9 AM CST

Shawn Merwin and I will record our podcast show live, followed by a panel!

Attend a live recording of the Mastering Dungeons podcast. Teos Abadia and Shawn Merwin, hosts of Mastering Dungeons, talk about news and RPG news and design topics. In this panel, they’ll talk about topics of interest – but also want to hear your questions, thoughts, and comments!

Design Workshop: How to Build a Dungeon (1 hr)

Friday 2 PM CST

I join an incredible team of Levi Combs, Skeeter Green, Shawn Merwin, and Steve Winter for a workshop examining dungeon design!

Dungeons were the settings for the first fantasy TTRPG campaigns, and they remain a mainstay of many gaming tables across the world. Whether you want to create a dungeon for publication or to improve your design chops for your personal campaign, this design seminar is for you. We’ve gathered five experienced, professional dungeon designers to share the secrets of their craft with you.

Design Workshop: Monster Creation (1 hr)

Saturday 1-2 PM CST

I join Skeeter Green, Greg Marks, and Shawn Merwin for a workshop examining monster design! This will tie into several of my recent projects!

Everybody loves a monster. Nasty critters are such a key part of the tabletop gaming experience that the AD&D Monster Manual was the first hardcover TTRPG book every published. Join our panel of experienced tabletop game designers as they share advice on creature design. They’ll give their opinions on what makes a good monster and walk you through the critical steps to making a nasty critter.

Other Events

I’ll also be signing up to play other games, and I’ll be around the con every day. If you are attending, please say hi – and please remind me of your name – it has been a while since I’ve seen anyone!

If you haven’t made plans yet, here is the GameHole Con attendance page. I hope to see you there!

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