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Spelljammer Dispatch – New Series on Roll20

Greetings from Costa Rica, where I am chaperoning high school kids as we tour the country and stay with host families. Don’t worry, they only outnumber me 7-to-1, and since I once DMed a 30-person table, I should be fine!

This week Roll20 has published the first Spelljammer Dispatch, a blog series exploring the upcoming Spelljammer D&D setting! I was incredibly happy when Roll20 asked me to write the series, because I absolutely loved running a Spelljammer campaign in college in, *cough* the 1990s *cough*. I am super excited to work with Roll20 and share the excitement of this wild setting with you. I am a huge fan of settings that change up play and reinvigorate our creativity.

You can find the first dispatch, New Character Options, on the Roll20 blog!

I have also recently had the chance to see Roll20’s implementation of Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel, and it looks excellent. I’m very impressed with the investment Roll20 is making in their virtual tabletop and the excellent way they have been breaking down the latest books.

(I received a free copy of both products, but I always aim to give honest and constructive reviews.)

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