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Spelljammer’s Foes and Allies – Roll20 Dispatch

A brand new Spelljammer Dispatch has been posted on the Roll20 blog! I continue my review of the upcoming Spelljammer :Adventures in Space set (a slipcase containing three books: one with rules and setting material, one with an adventure, and one with creatures).

Friends and Foes

This time, we focus on the creatures found in the book Boo’s Astral Menagerie, focusing on the monsters you may meet earlier in your adventuring career. We chose to focus on lower-CR monsters first, and I both review the more interesting monsters and provide DM tips for using them in encounters.

Check out the latest blog, Spelljammer Dispatch: Intro to Creatures and Monsters! You will also see fun screen shots from Roll20!

Space Clowns, with Ray Guns? Yes, yes indeed.
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