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Spelljammer’s Most Dangerous Creatures in 5E

Last time on the Roll20 blog, I reviewed the allies and foes characters may meet during their first Spelljammer voyages. This time on the Roll20 blog, we look at higher CR monsters, including the deadliest the setting has to offer!

Dark Sun in Our Spelljammer?

I’m a big Spelljammer fan, but I’m an even bigger Dark Sun fan. Back when D&D gave us a free Spelljammer Monstrous Compendium, it shocked us by including the nightmare beast, from the Dark Sun setting. The Spelljammer book Boo’s Astral Menagerie includes several classic Dark Sun monsters, including some of my favorites.

What does this mean? D&D has often seeded a future release by having a few monsters appear early on. The giff, for example, first appeared in Volo’s. However, D&D also has a habit of stripping settings (especially Greyhawk) for parts.

There is one more clue, however. D&D Beyond published a blog discussing Spelljammer, in which they included an image showing the Astral Sea and several Wildspace systems. The version they used did not match the one on the Roll20 blog. The Roll20 was the final version, which depicts a system known as Doomspace. The one on D&D Beyond depicted none other than Athaspace, presumably for Athas, the world of Dark Sun! That blog has since been corrected, with the old image removed. What does it mean? Clearly at one point, this was the art… and it was changed. I like to think more Dark Sun is coming. I sure hope so!

The old image, showing Athaspace in the top-right corner

For now, take a look at the Roll20 blog and the many Spelljammer (and Dark Sun) monsters!

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