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How to DM a Spelljammer Campaign

Dragon Talk, Episode #398

Dragon Talk #398!

I was a guest on Dragon Talk, the official D&D podcast! You can hear host Shelly Mazzanoble and I discuss tips on running Spelljammer on episode #398.

Dragon Talk: Rob Daviau and Wes Schneider Dragon Talk – An Official Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

A 20-year industry veteran, Rob Daviau has worked on over 80 published games. For 14 years, Rob was at Hasbro Games, where he worked on Risk 2210 AD, Axis & Allies Pacific, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Star Wars Epic Duels, Heroscape, Clue DVD, Clue Harry Potter, Risk Star Wars, Risk Lord of the Rings, and many more. He was editor of Trivial Pursuit for 8 years and ran the editorial department for 1. F. Wesley Schneider joined the Dungeons & Dragons team in 2019 after nearly two decades of creating games, writing stories, and designing books—usually creepy ones. For general inquiries or show messages, please email DragonTalk is executively produced by Greg Tito, Shelly Mazzanoble & Wizards of The Coast. Show production by Lisa Carr & Ryan Marth of Siren Sound. Podcast recording, editing, mixing and mastering by Ryan Marth & Siren Sound.Here's your guide to when each segment begins:Show open with Greg Tito and Shelly Mazzanoble – 0:00Interview – 09:24Outro – 1:01:02Greg Tito Twitter – Mazzanoble Twitter – Daviau Twitter – Schneider Twitter – To Dragon Talk Pre-Order – – Talk Show Page – Sound – www.sirensound.coRyan Marth – Carr – D&D Products – Official Discord –

DMing Spelljammer

As you can see from the many articles about Spelljammer on this site, I am a huge fan of the setting! On Dragon Talk I shared why this setting resonates for me, and how I find it provides a lot of flexibility for Dungeon Masters – we can finally use anything on our gaming shelf and toss it into a Spelljammer campaign.

I cover the areas I consider key for DMing a Spelljammer campaign, including how I approach ship combat. I can’t share much now, but I was recently involved in a project where I worked on ship combat rules. I am super excited for the project to be announced, and I think it will provide Spelljammer DMs with many fun options.

Here is a quick outline of what we covered:

  • Choosing your genre
    • High fantasy, swashbuckling pulp, comedy, horror, etc.
  • Traveling through space
    • Spelljamming basics, ship roles, tricks with air quality
  • Spelljamers and Ship Combat
    • Siege weapons, clear encounter goals, encounter distance
  • Exploration and Wildspace Encounters
    • STNG model, travel is fast, weaving travel and stops into plot
  • A Home Base
    • Rock of Bral, astral sea, the ship as a base, patrons/organizations

Are you running Spelljammer? What tips would you share with other DMs?

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