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An RPG Designer’s Personal Budget

How do we know if we can afford to work as a freelancer, or how to choose between freelancing, self-publishing, or full-time employment with an RPG company? We need a budget!

A Personal Budget

In the latest Success in RPGs video, we cover important basics: how to create a personal budget so you understand your costs. Once we know the income we need, we can compare it to our prospects for freelancing word rates (as discussed in my previous video) or other sources of income.

I share three different free templates you can use to quickly track your personal budget. Links are provided in the video description.

I also talk briefly about the importance of long-term planning, so you can cover emergencies and plan for retirement. We all want as many years as possible where can play RPGs all day long!

I hope you enjoy the latest Success in RPGs! In the next few episodes I will turn to RPG design, sharing my approach to adventure design! Click on the image below to access the playlist of all episodes:

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