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D&D Beyond Launches Community Stream with Forge of Foes

LaTia Jacquise and Amy Dallen, with the Forge of Foes team (Mike, Teos, Scott)
LaTia Jacquise and Amy Dallen, with the Forge of Foes team (Mike, Teos, Scott)

You have until March 31st to back the Forge of Foes, which was featured on D&D Beyond’s new stream!

Community Stream

Wizards of the Coast continues to make positive changes in the aftermath of the OGL fiasco. We have recently seen the Community Updates page receive a second update, and the first Creator Summit will be next week.

This week, D&D Beyond launched a Community Stream, highlighting a third-party creator. They chose the Forge of Foes, for which we are very grateful! Having our project highlighted means a lot to us, because being a third-party creator can be very hard. Even with Forge of Foes exceeding its funding, every dollar raised mitigates printing and shipping costs and enables us to create better projects in the future, more often. We hope this stream is seen as a success and paves the way for other creators to receive attention.

You can watch the Community Stream here.

On the stream, the authors and stream hosts look at the Forge of Foes preview while answering questions.
We reviewed the Forge of Foes preview and revealed new aspects of the project!

This is hopefully indicative of a wider understanding and acceptance at Wizards that third-party creators play an important role in the D&D and RPG ecosystem. Lifting third-party creators lifts WotC and the hobby overall.

Watch the stream, and back the Forge of Foes!

Forge of Foes front and back covers
Thank you for backing the project and sharing it with friends!

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