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How to Use the OGL to Create RPG Products!

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Welcome to Episode 10 of Success in RPGs! Last time we looked at when and how to use Fan Content Policies. This time, we look at open gaming licenses. In particular, how to use the most popular open license, the D&D OGL.

In this video, we list several examples of open licenses and talk about why companies use them and why creators use them. We look at the OGL specifically, following seven steps to implement it into a product. We then look in detail at the license sections and what the language says. Note: I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice! If you are ever in doubt, hire a lawyer.

Reviewing the sections of the D&D OGL

The goal of the video is to help you understand why these licenses exist, how to use them, and whether you should use them. The next episode will look at an excellent alternative: the Creative Commons license. Click one of the images or the embedded video to watch. And if you can, share it with friends and give it the thumbs up so more folks can find it. Thanks!

Discussing some example open licenses

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