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Here are two of my popular products. Both were created after appearances on the Dragon Talk podcast – the official D&D Podcast.

Rules for Collaborative Campaign Creation!

Want invested players? This guide provides a simple six-step process to collaboratively build a campaign together with your players!

Campaigns built with this process engage your players. They will feel like a part of your setting even before play begins, and will remember places and details better once play does begin. This technique gives players a stake in the setting, and they will look forward to seeing what you add to the world.

The Rules for Collaborative Campaign Creation also empowers you, the GM. With a setting your players understand, the secrets and surprises you add will resonate with your players. 

The Rules for Collaborative Campaign Creationcan be used with D&D or other RPGs and provides the following:

  • A simple six-step process for creating or furthering a campaign with your players, before play begins.
  • Examples using both a published D&D setting and a custom setting.
  • An example setting (a fantasy clockwork version of Seattle) created during the Dragon Talk podcast with host Shelly Mazzanoble!

This guide furthers concepts found in the Dresden Files RPG and games like Fiasco.

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The Game Master’s Guide to Evolving Magic Items

Want magic items that grow with your characters and engage your players? This guide provides a simple process for creating compelling magic items and introduces a new concept known as evolving signature magic items!

The Game Master’s Guide to Evolving Magic Items is written for D&D 5E, though its concepts can apply to any fantasy RPG. You will find:

  • A simple explanation of how magic items are meant to be rewarded in 5E. Know exactly how many items to provide to your players at each level of play!
  • Guidelines for modifying existing magic items to make them feel unique and engage your players.
  • Advice for making cursed items fun!
  • A system for creating signature items customized to each character.
  • Rules to evolve those signature items over time so they grow with characters and keep your players engaged!

Magic Items you customize with this process will enchant your players. The items stay useful and interesting across your entire campaign, and can even launch their own quests as players seek to uncover an item’s full potential. Importantly, this method keeps you in control and avoids power creep. 

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