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One case of ToA minis

Miniature Collecting

The DnD Miniature Collection Tracker allows you to track your DDM or Icons of the Realms miniature collection. It provides set information for all DDM and Wizkids minis. It will also sum up your collection and let you know how many minis you still need for a complete collection!

Trade Miniatures with Me

My DnD Miniature Trading spreadsheet captures all of the miniatures I am looking to trade and all the minis I want. Download the spreadsheet, find what you want, and propose a trade via the Contact page!

Read Reviews of D&D Minis and Tips for Using and Modifying Minis

You can find articles on miniature basing, creating silt sea tentacles, crafting AoE templates, and more by following the miniatures category.

AoE Templates

Snow bases and area templates

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