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Reviewing Player and DM Options in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything: A Mastering Dungeons Index

Tasha’s cover art, by Magali Villeneuve

On the Mastering Dungeons podcast, Shawn Merwin and I examine what Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything offers to players and Dungeon Masters. From subclasses to feats, sidekicks, and puzzles, we break down the effects of the design and how to make the most of it in your games.

On our podcast we always start by covering the latest D&D and RPG news. We then cover Tasha’s, starting with player content. Prior to March 11th, we then review chapters of Rime of the Frostmaiden. After March 11th we follow the player material with DM material. Here is Tasha’s table of contents, along with a link to our episodes.

Book Overview
Nov 30, 2020:
It’s All Optional
Ten Rules to Remember
Dec 3, 2020:
Chapter 1: Character Options
Customizing Your Origin / Custom Lineage
Changing a Skill
Changing Your Subclass
Dec 3, 2020:
Review of Eberron Material
New Armorer subclass
Dec 10, 2020:
Optional Class Features
Path of the Beast
Path of Wild Magic
Dec 10, 2020:
Optional Class Features
College of Creation
College of Eloquence
Class Features, Creation: Dec 17, 2020:

Eloquence: Dec 24, 2020:
Optional Class Features
Order Domain
Peace Domain
Twilight Domain
Optional Features, Order: Dec 31, 2020:

Peace Domain, Twilight: Jan 7, 2021:
Optional Class Features
Circle of Spores
Circle of Stars
Circle of Wildfire
Optional features, Spores: Jan 14, 2021:
Circle of Stars, Wildfire: Jan 21, 2021:
Optional Class Features
Maneuver Options
Psi Warrior
Rune Knight
Battle Master Builds
Features, Maneuvers: Jan 28, 2021:
Subclasses, Battlemaster Builds: Feb 4, 2021:
Optional Class Features    
Way of Mercy
Way of the Astral Self
Features, Mercy: Feb 11, 2021:
Astral Self: Feb 20, 2021:
Optional Class Features
Oath of Glory
Oath of the Watchers
March 4, 2021:
Optional Class Features
Fey Wanderer
Beast Master Companions
Optional Features: March 11:

Fey Wanderer, Swarmkeeper, Companions: March 18, 2021:
Optional Class Features
April 1, 2021:
Optional Class Features
Aberrant Mind
Clockwork Soul
April 8, 2021:
Optional Class Features
The Fathomless
The Genie
April 15, 2021:
Optional Class Features
Order of Scribes
May 6, 2021:
FeatsMay 20, 2021:
Chapter 2: Group PatronsMay 13, 2021:
Chapter 3: Magical Miscellany
Personalizing Spells
Magic Tattoos
Magic Item Descriptions
May 20, 2021:
Chapter 4: Dungeon Master’s Tools
Session Zero
March 11, 2021:
Sidekicks (Expert, Spellcaster, Warrior)March 18:
Parleying with MonstersApril 1:
Supernatural Regions
Magical Phenomena
Natural Hazards
April 8, 2021:
PuzzlesApril 29, 2021:

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