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Spelljamer’s Locations and NPCs – Roll20 Dispatch

Spelljammer was first launched in 1989, 32 years ago. And on August 16th, 2022, it has returned! It has been an absolute honor to work with Roll20 to review the newest version of what may be the wildest and most creative campaign setting in D&D history.

Locations and NPCs

In the fifth and final blog on Roll20, we look at the Locations and NPCs in Spelljammer. I avoid spoilers, though I do mention an asteroid (Stardock) appearing in Dungeon of the Mad Mage, as some DMs may not be aware of that. Stardock is a great ready-to-use location you can drop into a 5E Spelljammer campaign. You can also get to Stardock via Undermountain, providing yet another way to introduce adventurers to the setting.

The biggest location we get in 5E’s Spelljammer is the Rock of Bral. It is an excellent location for recurring visits or an extended campaign. I like the work that was done here to update the Rock.

We also get a few other locations as part of the adventure, which I did not spoil on the blog and won’t spoil here. And as you may have heard on Mastering Dungeons (part 1, part 2) when we reviewed the very first 2E adventure, Wildspace, there are some absolutely wild locations in older adventures and sourcebooks!

I hope you have enjoyed the Roll20 series. I will have some additional thoughts on 5E’s Spelljammer here. I particularly want to discuss what didn’t show up in the 5E version, and where I would hope the design could go in the future!

As you take a look at the 5E version, I’ll be curious to hear what you think. Did it meet your expectations? What blew you away or fell short? Let me know in the comments below or on our supporter Discord!

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